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We help you in the entire purpose and strategy cycle from decoding to execution, always enabling your organisation to build the capabilitities to create the desired impact. We help mobilize the right people to do the right things, so that your purpose and strategy becomes actionable. 

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Helping your company to decode, articulate and activate your purpose inside and outside of the organisation, through a structured step-by-step approach. We build and activate the capabilitites with you and help with the needed structure and culture to make it matter for real – in every corner of the company.

Any company strategy must always be anchored in the purpose, because the purpose is the endgame everyone should be focused on. We build the important link between the ambition expressed in the company purpose to the strategic awareness and choices made.

We support any purpose & strategy project with the ambition of being useful as a company. It is not the size of the project that matters – it is the clarity and consistency towards the useful impact we are focused on.

Book FRIDAY founder Martin Darré as a speaker to inspire your organisation and see the opportunities you have to activate your purpose and strategy. 


Purpose is business

Just to be clear: Corporate purpose is at the center of the business and the core driver of impact and profitability. It is not a marketing campaign, a public affairs project or a P&D initiative. It is the core commercial and inspiring engine that sets the tone for everything that is done in the company and the highest authority that everyone reports to. 

Purpose & strategy is something you do

It is not cool to have a great purpose and strategy. Instead, it is cool to do it – in everything you do. Having a purpose and strategy doesn’t do a lot to a business besides being able to print some fancy stickers. It is never the articulation itself that is cool, but your relentless pursuit, mobilization of people and conscious daily ways of acting on the purpose and strategy that makes a company cool.

Success is measured outside of the company

Looking at your current company strategy – how is success measured? The real impact is on the outside of the organisation related to the important problem you are here to solve and the people you are trying to solve it for. So, one more time: What should actually define strategic success in your company?

Put profit where your purpose is

How much are you willing to invest in your purpose? One of the best proof-point for any purpose-driven company is when profit is being re-invested to protect and further develop the impact defined in the purpose. When you put profit where your purpose is you make a serious commitment and leave very little room for noice and disturbances.

To be relevant you must use both legs

Walking on two legs is a better idea than limping on one. Being concerned with increased sales, market shares, cost reduction, streamlining of work processes and re-organisation, while at the same time being a real human organisation with a clear impact is a huge advantage. Now you can move really fast, because without the initiative, creativity and passion of people it will be very hard to consistently get anything done that is highly relevant and impactful.

It’s not about the company

One of the biggest pitfalls is a limited focus and consciousness about what a company really is and what it can do for the world. There is a risk of becoming too focused on ourselves and what we would like to be in the future rather than our contribution. This is a very important distinction, because to be truly aspirational it has to be a bigger idea that goes beyond the company itself. 


Our book on how to run a purpose- driven business

The best business decision you can make as a company is to be purpose-driven for real and give everyone inside and outside of the company something significant to work for. It is not only a really good idea for people. It is also a really good business idea.