All projects we do are anchored in the purpose and strategy of the companies we collaborate with, making sure that everything that is linked to what is most important and impactful.



Purpose & Strategy

We help you decode, articulate and activate your purpose and strategy in everything you do as a company, team or individual.



We help you with end-to-end talent design and how to be a relevant company for top talented people by creating a highly talented environment.



We help you decode and implement a modern and progressive leadership practice directly linked to the end-game of your company.  

Steps to impact

What’s the problem?

We always begin by understanding the real problem, making sure we are not just working with the symptoms. This phase is all about empathy and involving people from your company to get the true pulse of the organisation. 

What is the desired impact?

The next step is to make deliberate and clear choices in what good looks like during and at the end of the project. This phase is all about impact related to your business and the people.

What is the plan?

Knowing the problem and the desired impact enables you to define the steps to get there, and what might stand in the way. Here it is all about choosing the activities and methodologies that are directly linked to the desired outcome. 

How are we progressing?

Ongoing pulse-checks anchored in the defined imact is a key part of any project with FRIDAY. Any plan will always be adjusted due to the dynamics and changes in your organisation and we’ll always make the needed changes fast based on your needs.