Purpose used to be icing on the cake in the business world – and now it is the cake itself. It is the center of any choice in any serious company and must guide the way you choose to do business.


Meaning of our purpose

Making Business Useful


Any creation in any form will always be about doing, and the nature of FRIDAY is to create real value in the real world.

At the heart of this approach is co-creation, because serious problems demands serious collaboration. We don’t solve problems for you. We solve them together with you. 


Helping companies that are dedicated to something beyond the company itself, where the end-goal is impact outside of the organisation. 

That kind of business is walking on two legs where external impact and internal profitability are closely linked and interconnected. 


Being useful is a conscious and deliberate way of doing business with the ambition of being something for the world – and not just in the world.

Being useful is a choice to be impact-driven in everything you do, rooted in the fact that a relevant company today can never just be about the company itself. 

working principles

If you don’t have money as a company, you’ll have a hard time breathing. If you don’t operate based on an inspiring purpose, you’ll have a hard time living. Purpose and profit should always go hand in hand – and it is always purpose first because that is the end game in any company.

Focusing on methodologies is easy, while choosing methodologies based on a desired impact is much harder – but also way more valuable. All work done with FRIDAY is impact-driven and about what you want to achieve. This is where we start and end – everytime. 

Projects with FRIDAY are always driven by doing more than debating. We conduct hypothesis that are tested through structured experiments to get to the real problem and not just the visible symptoms. 

The purpose of a company is not to win and beat the competitor, but to be useful in a profitable way. Being useful is defined by the contribution and impact that goes beyond the company itself focusing on a bigger contribution and a bigger idea. It is a shift from being in the world to becoming something for the world.