Leadership is to inspire people to make conscious commitments, so that a shared purpose is accomplished. To do that we need leaders that can align individual people in a pursuit of a common goal. 

Service areas

FRIDAY will help you design and execute leadership initiatives with the ambition of having a clear and inspiring leadership foundation, aligned with your purpose and strategy carried out in all areas of the organisation.

We design and execute local and global leadership programs. We do that through hands-on training in close collaboration with your organisation. All our leadership programs is targeted the individual leaders, the people they lead and the organisation everyone is part of. 



We design and execute team leadership development, to create a world-class leadership teams, mobilizing them as leaders, mobilizing the teams they lead and mobilizing the organisation. 

Book FRIDAY founder Martin Darré as a speaker to inspire your organisation and bring your leadership impact to the next level. 


Leadership is everyone’s business

To be useful for the world we live in we need flexibility, speed in making choices and a human operating system that is not stuck in the old dogmas of management. A lot of companies will have an inherent design challenge if it is operating primarily as a triangle, cascading information and decisions through layers from top-down. Sometimes that works but too often it is not the solution and the company can become less competent than the people working there. 

If you don’t understand people – you don’t understand business

All companies’ customers, partners, owners, shareholders and employees are human beings. Regardless of how good your business model is, how great the products and services you deliver are, how efficient your communication or sales are, one rules applies to all companies: If you do not understand people, you do not understand business, and the consequenses of implementing this fundamental truth is deliberate and focused work over a long period of time in any company.

A modern leader has no followers

As a leader it is not your job to gain followers. Actually, a true modern and progressive leader has no followers. It is not about following the leader as an employee, but instead to follow the flag of the company carried by the individual leader.

It is not about you

When we are too preoccupied with our own self-worth and status, we are less preoccupied with the common goal we all have in a company. Getting to that point takes an effort to help and inspire your leaders to carry out conscious leadership while setting up and environment acknowledging that exact behavior.

It takes talent to develop talent

To inspire people and align individual interest towards a common goal is a difficult leadership task. The leaders must be supported and trained in how to activate their own unique talent and potential, so that they can inspire and support the people they lead to do the same.

Being response-able is the ultimate superpower

Leaders have a difficult job and are faced with a range of tough situations. The ability to consciously choose one’s respond regardless of the situation is what takes a leader to a whole new level. To do that you most control the second between a stimuli and your respond, and that is the essence of our leadership training.