If we don’t understand people – we don’t understand business. To be relevant today we have to create an environment where a diverse nature of different talents can flourish. We help update your talent practice and impact. 

Service areas

Being a truly human-centered company might be one of the most important business decisions you can make. We support talent tranformations for the truly modern and progressive companies – not only for the individuals but also for the entire culture and environment.

We design and execute local and global talent development programs anchored in the purpose and strategy of your company – build for every unique individual and for your culture.  

It takes talent to develop talent and we are highly specialized in training leaders to update their talent approach. We design and execute talent leadership initiatives for the few and the many.

Book FRIDAY founder Martin Darré as a speaker to inspire your organisation and understand how to create a truly impactful talent approach. 


Talent is something you do

Innate abilitites matters and are important, but what matters more is what you do with it. Talent becomes valuable when it is linked to real impact and than can only happen through conscious and consistent action over time. For this to happen a talented environment is required as well as superb leadership. 

Talent is for the world – not just in the world

Our talent philosphy is more than just developing the individual and also about how that individual is contribution to other people and the world around. Talent is not just defined by how you individually progress and develop – but also how you inspire, help and impact the surroundings.

Your job is not your job

Many people see their job as the role they have in the company. The FRIDAY approach is a bit different, because we don’t see your role as your job. Instead, your real job is helping achieve the purpose of the company rather than what you do. A true talent is focused on the end goal and play for the logo – not the ego. 

One size fits one

We are not all the same and developing talent is actually not about changing people but instead it is about helping them being who they really are and want to be. If we insist on being highly curious about each individual and give them the opportunities to be themselves the chances of something good happening will increase dramatically.

Nobody is better than everbody

While taking each individual serious it is also very important to understand that most great work is done in teams of people. We all rely on other people, we get inspired by other people and we create great work in close collaboration with other people. The individual genious is often overrated and the collected efforts of great teams is often the key to excellent talent development.  

You don’t get great by studying bad

Talent is not just defined by what you are truly good at, but also what you are really energized by. If we only study the gaps of people, we will miss the whole point of potential and what all people are able to do under the right circumstances. If we want to develop talent, we have to be students of talent.