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The company purpose clears the table

When your company makes important decisions, how consistently does the process unfold, and what fundamental criteria are involved?

Most company will face challenges during the strategic decision-making process since there are several parameters to keep in mind. The complexity is overwhelming, and there will be an endless amount of data points that can be brought in which makes it impossible to embrace the entire whole. A tremendous amount of time, alignment, stakeholder management and use of resources are most people’s everyday lives, sometimes without feeling as though we are moving up in the world. You work at a rapid pace but the speed with which you work is not necessarily flashy.

This challenge cannot be removed easily, but it can be approached more simply and clearly by making the company’s purpose the most important filter for all decisions.

When the company’s purpose is clearly decoded and translated specifically in a way that ensures everyone understands what it means, the company holds a potential superpower when it comes to all decision-making process, both in terms of clarity and speed. However, you will only get this advantage when you have done your homework and have gone in-depth with the meaning and consequences of your purpose; however, afterwards, it starts picking up speed.

  • The purpose is the last gate to determine whether we are running in the right direction or simply at full speed in the wrong direction.
  • The purpose helps everyone with separating good ideas from good business ideas.
  • The purpose becomes a truth serum saving a company from an endless number of meetings since all fundamental and significant commercial, organisational and strategic choices have already been incorporated directly into the purpose.
  • At all times, the purpose trumps subjective opinions, political agendas, sub-optimization and special interests, regardless of who and where they come from.


In order words, the purpose clears the table.


By working in this way, there will be a lot of current methods, tools and processes in all companies that are better left on the porch since they produce more noise than benefits. They do not contribute with the clarity and the pace that most people need – on the contrary.

By working strictly purpose-based, you incorporate a new type of scalability into your business where, traditionally, you do not always have to add more to realize more. Where there is only a certain amount of money in the system, the purpose and meaning remain infinite. If someone secures a profit, there are others who it does not benefit; however, the opposite applies when it comes to purpose and meaning. If someone experiences meaning, and becomes engaged through an effective and inspiring purpose, then the likelihood of others experiencing something similar increases since it transfers from individual to individual. A strong purpose’s scalability has no end, which is the best and most efficient way to ensure economic scalability as well.

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